How Chinese Geopolitics harms Southeast Asian Unity

South China Sea has been disputed among a few countries in Asia especially China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. However, it is China that is claiming the lion share of the sea roughly 90% of it. This dispute is not new and it will certainly remain for years to come. One-third of global maritime shipping…Read More

Geopolitical and Strategic Landscape of South China Sea

South China Sea has been the “apple of discord” between the US and China in international affairs for decades. Not only US-China rivalry but also regional countries have been motivated to involve in the territory as it’s one of the lucrative territories in both geopolitical and strategic dynamics. People who are interested in international affairs…Read More

South China Sea: distortion between International law and Geopolitics

Sharif Mustajib University of Chittagong , Bangladesh. Permanent Court of Arbitration has stated a verdict on South China Sea over China-Philippine dispute. Its favors Philippine’s claim that China has no legal rights to dominant 86 per cent of the area within “nine-dash” line but china boycotted. It’s a consequence of powerful counties of disobeying international…Read More