On Climate Change; Philippines Legazpi City Revs Up Climate Action

It is said that the root cause of climate change is a multitude of uncontrolled anthropogenic activities, the progressive advancements on technology and the series of changes dated back a century ago. Many cities had claimed to be progressed in terms of ecological and social balance. On a more critical note, due to these developments,…Read More

What Drives North Korea’s Nuclear Ambition?

What Drives North Korea’s Nuclear Ambition?

With the latest test of Hydrogen bomb on Sunday in North Korea, it may seem as if this country is mad and its leader is senseless. In sharp contrast to ordinary belief, North Korea knows what it is doing, and it continues to do so in defiance to international community namely the United States of…Read More

Transformation of Hegemony through Media

The Production, Reproduction and Transformation of Hegemony through Media: The Case of Egypt

Introduction The resignation of Mubarak in February 2011 didn’t end the rule of the power centers- which includes the military- that have been in power since the overthrow of the Egyptian monarch in 1952. After his resignation, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) wielded power for almost one year and a half directing the…Read More

Islamophobia in the Western World : Islam, Peace or Terror?

Islamophobia in the Western World: Islam is Peace or Terror?

The world has shaken for the first time when Islamic State captured Mosul in 2014 and started its terrorist juggernaut then. But their action not only made peaceful Islam as a religion of terrorism and hatred in the world, to make it Islamic State help even made this religion to recognize as a phobia as Islamophobia….Read More

The role of ICT for socially inclusive Economic Growth in the Developing Countries

The Role of ICT for Socially Inclusive Economic Growth in the Developing Countries

Many developing countries are confronted by many challenges. When it comes to information access the obvious challenges are limited access, low literacy rate, lack of media competence to use Information and Communication Technologies(ICT) for data and information access. Newer, ICT offers immense opportunities towards formulation and implementations of socially inclusive economic growth. Although the development…Read More