Environment and Gender

Environment and Gender: What has changed since 1995?

Following the claims of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), the Earth is the fundamental resource on which people rely for their prosperity and one´s well-being.  Although often ignored and downplayed, in many cases gender norms affect the impact of people on the environment, the effect of environmental degradation on people, and finally, access…Read More

the impact of technology on healthcare.

The Impact of Technology on Healthcare

In general, promptly altering medical technology as well as ease of use of the high-tech diagnostic as well as therapeutic tool altogether along with modifying practice pattern of the doctors has modernized the path health care is distributing nowadays. Without any uncertainty, medical technology is crucial for folk’s health and also a superior quality of…Read More

the constitutional review of the Indigenous status of ethnic minorities in Bangladesh: 

Indigenous status of ethnic minorities in Bangladesh: A constitutional review

Bangladesh has been blessed with multicultural heritage as well as history. There are about 57 ethnic minorities in Bangladesh. According to the survey of 2011, the country’s ethnic minority population is around 1,586,141 which comprise 1.8% of the total population though they claim they are 3 million. Ethnic minorities like to address themselves as indigenous…Read More

Does competition make a worth or dearth

Does competition make a worth or dearth?

To rear, a child is a development of his proximal domains (physical and mental capacity) to revere decision-making abilities and provide an onset understanding of his environment and self. Just like a market competition, one lone stronghold or business enterprise would never develop without outside intervention nor tangential competition. With this scenario, the economic policies…Read More

Germany’s Election and Angela Merkel’s Struggle for Political Survival

Germany’s Election and Angela Merkel’s Struggle for Political Survival

Since the election, on 24 September Angela Merkel from Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has been unable to form a government in Germany. After 12 years in power, her position has been weakened as other parties are reluctant to form a coalition with CDU. The election of Donald Trump in the United States is seen as…Read More

Is the world heading towards a World War III?

Johan Gatlung’s Peace and Violence Concept context of Liberian Civil War

Human beings live in a society that has developed certain norms and standards on the basis of consensus of community. These standards are based on values and cultural sensitivity of community that have been in vogue for years. Ordinary members of society abide by normal standards of society. Sometimes social structure is not impervious to…Read More

Politics Goes Popular: The Power of Satire

Politics Goes Popular: The Power of Satire

International relations and popular culture As an academic discipline, International Relations (IR) operates with a very constricted notion of what defines politics, what politics should be, who political actors are, and where politics takes place. It is generally consigned to formal institutions, constituted of governments and the relations among them, and other organizational structures such…Read More

Lebanon’s Potential Plunge into Middle East Quagmire

Lebanon’s Potential Plunge into Middle East Quagmire

Lebanon is a tiny country surrounded by bigger and more powerful neighbors. There is civil war right next door while another boiling pot is waiting to spill over from the south. It is a victim of its own geography. The Cold War in the Middle East between the two regional powers is threatening to reach…Read More