gender inequality in Afganisthan

In Afghanistan, Access to Education Is Improving, but Gender Inequality Persists

Afghanistan has inherited a paralysed and almost non-operational educational system with embedded gender inequality from three decades of conflicts. According to Afghan ministry of education, after the Taliban ouster in 2001, an estimated one million children predominantly boys were attending school, while, girls were almost entirely deprived of schooling opportunities. Therefore, the government of Afghanistan…Read More

Poverty, Child Marriages and Development in Rural Zimbabwe

Poverty, Child Marriages and Development in Rural Zimbabwe

Poverty and child marriages in rural communities have effects on each other…but how can we best address these complementing problems that are hindering development in rural communities. In my own opinion, I believe that it is poverty that is driving the numbers of child marriages higher in African rural societies. Blessing Vava also commented in…Read More

Green Yard Social Business in Malaysia

Green YardsTransforms Nasty Used Cooking Oil Into Fresh-Scented Handmade Soaps

So if you’ve clicked on this article, I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here about how more can always be done to help the environment. But here’s a little plot twist: in all honesty, most of an individual’s actions to save the environment barely puts a dent into environmental destruction. The biggest contributor to…Read More

The Scourage of the Death Penalty

The Scourage of the Death Penalty

The death penalty, commonly known as capital punishment, is the legal imposition of the sentence of killing one by any method accepted after being convicted by a court of law. Its historical background can be traced back to the biblical period when this punishment was used on criminal, political, and religious dissidents.[1] King Hammurabi of…Read More

Environment and Gender

Environment and Gender: What has changed since 1995?

Following the claims of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), the Earth is the fundamental resource on which people rely for their prosperity and one´s well-being.  Although often ignored and downplayed, in many cases gender norms affect the impact of people on the environment, the effect of environmental degradation on people, and finally, access…Read More

the impact of technology on healthcare.

The Impact of Technology on Healthcare

In general, promptly altering medical technology as well as ease of use of the high-tech diagnostic as well as therapeutic tool altogether along with modifying practice pattern of the doctors has modernized the path health care is distributing nowadays. Without any uncertainty, medical technology is crucial for folk’s health and also a superior quality of…Read More

SOPHIA, the robot in Bangladesh

Sophia, the Robot Sensation

For the last few months the word “Sophia” bandied about in news headlines both in national and international headline media. Sophia is an artificial intelligence robot with doe-brown eyes and long fluttery eyelashes behave just like the human. In the history of Robotics such innovation is a great achievement. Hence, this robot becomes a media celebrity….Read More

the constitutional review of the Indigenous status of ethnic minorities in Bangladesh: 

Indigenous status of ethnic minorities in Bangladesh: A constitutional review

Bangladesh has been blessed with multicultural heritage as well as history. There are about 57 ethnic minorities in Bangladesh. According to the survey of 2011, the country’s ethnic minority population is around 1,586,141 which comprise 1.8% of the total population though they claim they are 3 million. Ethnic minorities like to address themselves as indigenous…Read More

Nepal-EU Relations

Nepal-EU Relations: Donor-Receiver or a Mutual One

Abstract The piece is an attempt to explain the Nepal-EU relations.  In the first part, the historical context of EU-Nepal relation has been explained. It mainly focuses on the beginning of Nepal and Britain relation through military cooperation. Then, the relations developed on the onset of the emergence of global agencies have been developed. After…Read More