Shaping Global Awareness for Sustainable Food Systems

Food Waste in Numbers: Shaping Global Awareness for Sustainable Food Systems

Food is among the basic need according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in 2015 launched the Global Challenge on Food Security and Agriculture. The forum attended by 1400 leaders in over 500 organizations in 19 countries. This is in support of The Sustainable Development Goals call for Ending…Read More

Does competition make a worth or dearth

Does competition make a worth or dearth?

To rear, a child is a development of his proximal domains (physical and mental capacity) to revere decision-making abilities and provide an onset understanding of his environment and self. Just like a market competition, one lone stronghold or business enterprise would never develop without outside intervention nor tangential competition. With this scenario, the economic policies…Read More

Assessing risk of new war in Eastern Europe

Assessing risk of new war in Eastern Europe

In the light of recent aggression of Russia towards Ukraine and exponential increase of tensions between Moscow and NATO allows suggesting that Kremlin is aiming for the long-term confrontation with the possibility of further escalation. The most obvious targets for the future aggression are Poland and the Baltic countries. In this the report we argue…Read More

Indigenous people’s right in 21st century: Context of Chakma People of Bangladesh

Loss and Damage in the Context of Bangladesh: Inadequacy of Adaptation due to Increasing Climate Risk & A Range of Approaches to Address Loss and Damage

‘Loss and Damage’ has become a fundamental issue for Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and gained recognition as the third pillar of international climate policy, after mitigation and adaptation. ‘Loss and damage’ refers to negative phenomena of climate unpredictability and climate change that people have not been able to…Read More

Germany’s Election and Angela Merkel’s Struggle for Political Survival

Germany’s Election and Angela Merkel’s Struggle for Political Survival

Since the election, on 24 September Angela Merkel from Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has been unable to form a government in Germany. After 12 years in power, her position has been weakened as other parties are reluctant to form a coalition with CDU. The election of Donald Trump in the United States is seen as…Read More

Is Education still the answer?

Is Education still the answer?

First of all, let me make it perfectly clear that, the purpose of this article is not to denounce or dispel the importance of education. In fact, it is quite the contrary. The whole idea is to encourage readers to change the approach to learning; to see education as more than just a basic, class-confined…Read More

Climate Change Impact to Our Health

Climate change is one of the central challenges of our era and increasingly acknowledged as a public health urgency. There is some prominent evidence that proves global climate change will have aggressive effects on human health, especially among the deprived communities of developing countries like Bangladesh. Being one of the hotspots for climate change, Bangladesh…Read More