Bangladeshi Pride Sadat Rahman: 17th International Children’s Peace Prize Winner

Sadat is a 17 years old youngster, groundbreaker, and social pioneer from Bangladesh who is having a major effect. Recently he has won the 2020 International Children’s peace prize for his contribution in setting up his social association and mobile application ‘Cyber Teens’ to quit cyberbullying, organized by KidsRights.The award is presented every year to…Read More

Indigenous status of ethnic minorities in Bangladesh: A constitutional review

Bangladesh has been blessed with multicultural heritage as well as history. There are about 57 ethnic minorities in Bangladesh. According to the survey of 2011, the country’s ethnic minority population is around 1,586,141 which comprise 1.8% of the total population though they claim they are 3 million. Ethnic minorities like to address themselves as indigenous…Read More

Indigenous people’s right in 21st century: context of Chakma people of Bangladesh

Human Rights are a universally supported phenomenon that protects the birthrights of every human being despite their differences. However, still, there are certain marginalized groups, whose rights are violated and are unjust. Refugee people are one of such misfortune groups. As human beings, the refugee people claim the right to be accepted, recognized, acknowledged, and…Read More

Analyze and Explain the Foreign Policy of Bangladesh from Theoretical Perspective

The formulation of Foreign Policy is a difficult process for small states; it has become more difficult in today’s world. Foreign policy formulation depends on history, geographic location, religion, identity, ethnicity, culture and natural resources. It is an extension of domestic policy. Bangladesh pursues a moderate foreign policy with its neighboring countries. Bangladesh formulates its…Read More

Critical Analysis over Chinese Policy towards Migrant & Refugee

World largest economic entities have long been denounced for their deficiency in hosting refugees. With over 65 millions refugee displacement and resettlement across borders in the post-millennium, less than 5% of refugees are hosted by the five largest economic entities, namely US, China, Japan, UK and Germany. Asian affluent countries are especially reluctant to open…Read More

The Changing Pattern of World Politics

 Sharif Mustajib At the very moment of 2017 we are having the time of change in world politics. Because the predecessor 2016 left such consequences that there are no doubts that we are going to experience tremendous change in world politics. The Brexit referendum, US election 2016, impeachment of Brazilian president, rise of populism has…Read More

Rohynga in Myanmar: history and present perspectives

Rohingya are the minority people of the West Rakhine province of Myanmar. Rakhine State is situated on the western coast of Burma. One third of the Rakhine state’s peoples are Rohingya. There are about 8 million Rohingya in Myanmar but the government of Myanmar doesn’t recognize them as citizens of Myanmar. There are 3 kinds…Read More