Gender Scenario in Bangladesh

Gender Scenario in Bangladesh: “He” or “She”

Ratna Sarkar It has been more than “three” decades when Bangladeshi discourse management culture included “Gender” as a subject of study. Unlike getting a heavy shock, the reader of that “discourse” (Gender) often stare their eyes with the attachment of such a topic where ever the place of open discussion is in a tea stall…Read More

9/11 Tragedy and American Narcissism

At the time of 15th anniversary of 9/11 tragedy we are trying to find “true fact” over the incredible incident what is considered as game changing incident of international system. Nonetheless, US then president George W Bush’s “terrorism for terror” has done an untold suffering for civilians. Innocent children, women are the worst victims. If…Read More

The core debate on Rohingya issue in international relations

Rohynga in Myanmar: history and present perspectives

Rohingya are the minority people of the West Rakhine province of Myanmar. Rakhine State is situated on the western coast of Burma. One third of the Rakhine state’s peoples are Rohingya. There are about 8 million Rohingya in Myanmar but the government of Myanmar doesn’t recognize them as citizens of Myanmar. There are 3 kinds…Read More

Kashmir and India Pakistan relation

Kashmir and India-Pakistan relation

Kashmir had been the “Apple of Discord” between India and Pakistan since 1947 when both countries got independence from Britain. It has become one of the long-lasting disputes in history which haven’t resolved yet. It was the partition of the Indian subcontinent on the basis of religion. The scenario was messed after World War II…Read More