Nuclear-free World: Enhanced Security or Total Chaos?

This year Nobel Prize for Peace has been awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) that promotes the conclusion of an international treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons. Although there is no doubt that the consequences of nuclear weapons use would be devastating and their proliferation and seizure by terrorists present the biggest threats…Read More

What Does Russia Want in World Politics?

The Collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991 was a major event in world politics. The Communist empire disintegrated leaving the United States of America as the sole superpower of the world. The 1990s were considered to be the era of American hegemony. Under such circumstances, the newly independent Russia was in a setback…Read More

Are we going to face the devastating Third World War!

Meanwhile, the world is facing a tough time after the cold war period. After that time the world is getting much heat and the power that handed over to so many countries that the situation truly making the world and world system a diverse one. In the situation, the main tension that brings all the…Read More

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy: America First or America Alone?

The newly elected president Donald J Trump is a widely discussed name in current international politics. He has been criticized for a series of controversial decisions. He is ignoring the rules of politics and diplomacy since entering the White House. Though his supporters said he is a revolutionist, other people is worried about his dictatorship…Read More

The Changing Pattern of World Politics

 Sharif Mustajib At the very moment of 2017 we are having the time of change in world politics. Because the predecessor 2016 left such consequences that there are no doubts that we are going to experience tremendous change in world politics. The Brexit referendum, US election 2016, impeachment of Brazilian president, rise of populism has…Read More

What will be the US policy towards Asia under Trump’s Presidency?

Since the end of the World War II the cornerstone of United State’s foreign policy has always been the desire to construct and safeguard a liberal world order that every country is required to agglutinate to widespread U.S interventions into global issues have strengthened the foundation for such a rule-based political order.  And the presence…Read More

 Presidential election of USA: The Dream of White House

Arman Hossain   The tradition of presidential election of USA launched at first in 1789 by George Washington with no opposition. Almost 43 presidents attained the entrance in White House customarily, where Republican and Democratic Party ranked higher in the list for 18 and 15 respectively. 08-Nov-2016 will be the 58th quadrennial US presidential election. Though…Read More

International Relations After the Cold War: Violent Democracies, Hegemonism, and Deprivation

Abstract The paper analyzes the post-cold war contemporary geopolitics from the political, economic, and security framework, presenting the concepts and reflections on the international relations focusing on war and peace modalities within a discourse of democracy, hegemonism, global deprivation, and inequalities. It emphasizes the point of view that strengthens the global onslaught humankind despondency paradigm of…Read More